”If more people did like Tobias and stopped reading the news, or at least approached it with emotional distance, the world would probably be a better place”

Tobias Wahlqvist
Photo: Jonas Jansson

For a long time, Tobias Wahlqvist was an overachieving self-employed person and an avid news junkie. It was only when exhaustion set in that he stopped consuming news and detoxed his brain, which resulted in him being happier, more focused and able to read more books.

Now he has written the book Skippa Nyheterna (Skip the News), which in an entertaining way deals with the destructive dramaturgy of the news media and the consequences of mixing dopamine-driven entertainment and fear-mongering with information that should be decision-making support in our everyday lives.

The book is available in Swedish at Adlibris, Bokus and in Heja Framtidens web shop!

Listen to the book in Swedish at Storytel, Nextory or Bookbeat.

SKIPPA NYHETERNA is on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.